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For the past ten years, we have been inspiring many young dancers and have been committed to providing the finest training in performing arts. At StarStruck we consider our classroom to be a place where children can express themselves through the art of dance. We encourage our students to feel free to explore their inner possibilities, while recognizing that they have something to contribute to the learning environment. We strive to provide a fun, family-friendly environment for every child who walks through our doors. 

Since every student is an individual with very different goals and abilities, it is important to realize that each child will progress at a different rate. The number of times per week a student practices will have a great impact on how quickly she progresses, so the staff at SSDS is extremely careful when choosing the correct class level. We encourage all of our students to work hard and become the best dancers they can be, but at the same time, they must work at a level that is comfortable for them. Students are easily discouraged when placed in too difficult a class and they feel they are slipping behind. We want dance class to be a happy and rewarding experience for all.   

With a variety of classes to choose from, we provide endless opportunities for all ages and all skill levels. Find the right style that fits you!

The Song in Your Heart...

"A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life." The teachers at Starstruck have definitely done this for me...

- Kelly B.
ACRO - This is for the dancer who likes to spend time up-side down! This class incorporates tumbling, flexibility, strength, and increases stamina while using mats. Learn dance and gymnastics (without heavy equipment) all in one.
BALLET - This is the fundamental component in the training of any serious dancer. Ballet includes basic dance steps and positions using the barre and center floor. This beautiful dance form also increases flexibility, balance, control and strength. All ballet dancers have one thing in common: a love of grace, beauty and discipline of ballet.
 For members of StarStruck's Dance Company only.

This class will be focused on working on the barre to strengthen core and improve proper body alignment necessary for performance. There is no recital involvement for this class.
COMPANY CLASSES - These petite, junior and senior classes are for the members of our Dance Company and are color coded by level. These classes are taught in all styles of dance for the competitive performer.
For members of our Dance Company only. This class will focus on stretching and conditioning the muscles which in turn, will help perfect jumps, leaps and turns that are essential in many dance styles. It also will help gain added flexibility. There is no recital involvement for this class.
CONTEMPORARY - Movement that encourages dancers to use their moods and emotions to create their own choreography. This is an athletic dance form, using partners, lifts and weight sharing. Contemporary dance is a blend of classical, modern and ethnic styles of dance. 
HIP HOP - An energetic form of dancing which possesses a great sense of attitude. It allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement while adding in their own personalities. If you like to spend time watching the latest Hip Hop videos, then this is the class for you.
JAZZ - Contemporary movement accompanied by popular and Broadway style music creates this dynamic dance form. Emphasis is placed on technique which develops the ability to move and control each part of the body using isolations. Learn to perfect your kicks, leaps, jumps and turns in this upbeat class.
This style combines the fluid beauty of ballet with the more sharp moves in jazz. The dancer will learn to tell a story through the lyrics and emotions of the song. 

This class will include types of theatrical performances that combines music, spoken diagloue and dance. This is for the dancer that likes to add more elements of stage performance and acting out a storyline.
POINTE - By invitation only....Must have a strong ballet foundation in order to be considered. All pointe students are required to take 2 or more ballet classes per week. 
TAP - Classes will focus on rhythms & coordination as students learn the meaning of steps such as shuffles, flaps, wings, time steps, etc. Steps are taught by rhythmic tapping on the floor including heels, toes and balls. Each tap class turns into a new musical creation. 
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