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We are Life Long Friends. We are Family.

   Testimonials - 

"Five years have passed since our daughter Lexie started taking dance at StarStruck. She originally started at age 2 1/2 in 2011 and took a tap/ballet class. She has taken different classes like acro, tap, ballet, hip-hop and musical theatre over those years. Each year she has developed and blossomed. We never imagined the impact of the training she received. She has gained confidence and is motivated, determined, and focused when she is at dance. All of the educators at SSDS foster a strong commitment to ensuring each dancer is working at their full potential. We are confident that Lexie is receiving the best training available at a studio that values her equally. She has gained lifelong friends at StarStruck and feels like it is a family. Dancing at SSDS has helped to instill a sense of responsibility, commitment and love of the arts in our daughter, and for that we are so grateful."

– Adrian & Danielle R. 

"A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life." The teachers at StarStruck have definitely done this for me...

– Kelly B. 

“10 years and counting. StarStruck has helped to make so many dreams come true including mine. Through love and passion, everyone here becomes like a second family. The teachers help you improve so much as a dancer, and as a person.”

– Meredith M. 

“In the past year I have been welcomed by an amazing family, StarStruck Dance Studio. I received a tremendous amount of support and friendship from my fellow dancers. They immediately made me feel a part of the team. I have thoroughly enjoyed growing as a dancer and have learned so much from our incredible instructors. StarStruck has become a second family to me.”

– Jack P. 

“I am so grateful that I have been dancing at StarStruck since it opened in 2007. I have found such a family here and met some of the most talented people I know. It is an honor to get to work with such a creative group of teachers and students every week. I have grown so much as a dancer and performer and I look forward to further improvement, as well as more memories to come.” 

– Emma G.

“When we moved to Warren in 2012, I was trying hard to find a credible Dance Studio around. Luckily, I found StarStruck! The teachers of StarStruck are very passionate, professional and responsible. They cherish each kid, see their potential, and treat every kid as a valued individual. My two daughters, Elina and Annalina, have been dancing at this Studio for 5 years. I see their growth every moment in terms of their dance technique and team spirit. They both now dance in StarStruck's Elite Dance Company. We feel grateful and lucky to be a part of the StarStruck Dance family!"

– Haiya Z.

"My daughters have been attending StarStruck for 10 years. They have grown exponentially as dancers and as individuals. We have always felt like we belong here. There is such a great family focus at this studio. My daughters are closer friends with the kids from this studio than the kids they attend school with."

– Vanessa P.

“I have been a part of the StarStruck family since I was 3 years old, and that is what they have truly become, my second family. Over the years, I have learned so many things at StarStruck...not only about dance, but about life, dedication, commitment and most importantly the value of hard work. I couldn't imagine my life without StarStruck being a part of it... from the lasting friendships I have made to the amazing teachers who have taught me so much - thank you for being such an important part of who I am!"

– Olivia G.

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